TechExcel Review

TechExcel ServiceWise is a configurable and scalable software suite for helpdesk and ITSM. Designed to automate IT helpdesk, TechExcel ServiceWise offers configurable work flows, process approvals, email integration, IT project management along with integrated knowledge management. TechExcel ServiceWise is available in two versions: ServiceWise HelpDesk and ServiceWise ITIL.

TechExcel Core Products:
ServiceWise HelpDesk is a customizable internal helpdesk and ITSM solution made for companies of any size to streamline IT services and helpdesk activities in accordance to IT services best practices.

ServiceWise HelpDesk Key Features:

  • Self-Service: fully customizable portal which is a single access point for end-users reporting problems, submitting service requests, downloading software, accessing request forms and for searching knowledge.
  • Email Submission: Automatically collects every support email and converts them into requests. Requests can then be tracked through the self service portal.
  • Notifications: Helps to ensure effective communication throughout the resolution process.
  • Auto Escalations: users can escalate incidents or problems based on a variety of categories.
  • Customizable Interface: pages and field can be easily customized with a simple GUI tool.
  • Events/Tasks: Create and review tasks through the lifetime of any incident or request.
  • Auto-routing: Helps users route incidents and problems to the appropriate team member or to a group folder.
  • Business Rules/Worflow: Allows users to implement their unique processes to track their workflow.
  • Auto Password Reset: Allows users to change active directory passwords. Each change password results in a closed incident allowing service managers to report on total number of incidents being automated by reset feature.
  • Reporting Dashboard: Users can customize dashboard report widgets, create charts, choose page layouts as well as other page elements.
  • SLA Management: Deliver solutions to a request within the defined resolution time to help improve satisfaction by defining SLAs and setting up different escalation levels for SLA violations.
  • Multiple Language Support: ServiceWise supports multiple languages through downloads that can then be installed by the Administrative Client.
  • User Surveys: Helps improve customer experience while providing users with insights in how the issue was resolved.
  • API Integration: Gives users the ability to write and retrieved data stores in ServiceWise.
  • Built-in Reporting: Right out-of-the-box users can begin to receive reports; such as trends, summaries and distribution reports.
  • Process Oriented Best Practice Templates: Includes best practice templates for incident, change and problem management.
  • LDAP Authentication and Sync: Users can sync end-users and support team members directly into ServiceWise with LDAP.

ServiceWise ITIL and ITSM is made to help companies manage it’s ITIL and other IT business processes by providing out-of-the-box configurations for incident, change and configuration management.

ServiceWise ITIL Key Features:

  • Service Desk and Request Management that provides key functions to help companies improve their service level
  • Incident Management provides companies with audit trails, user accountability, and escalation thresholds
  • Problem Management gives users complete control during every phase of problem management: investigation, root cause analysis, classification, prioritization, documentation, request for change, resolution, and evaluation
  • Change Management provides graphical workflow representation and task automation that can be customized to a specific companies needs.
  • Configuration Management helps companies identify the who, what, when, where and why of every setting and every change.
  • Service Level Management is designed to help reduce misunderstandings between a company’s teams and customers by giving both parties complete visibility in to the agreement.
  • Knowledge Management
  • Self-Service provides a web portal for self service which includes incident submission, incident tracking, knowledgebase and user feedback.
  • Reporting
  • Survey Management

TechExcel Additional Modules:
ServiceWise Add-On Modules:

  • AssetWise can be used to track IT asset usage, view inventory levels and manage asset lifecycle.
  • FormWise allows management of online forms which can be integrated with helpdesk and IT workflow processes.
  • ProjectPlan is used to manage ServiceWise projects, resources and availability, tasks and activities, milestones and project documanetaiton.
  • KnolwedgeWise is designed to help manage all helpdesk and IT related knowledge in a single knowledgebase.

Select Companies Using TechExcel:
Sony, Fujitsu, Nokia, Activision, EA, CyberTech, Q-Pulse, First American Corporation, Radon Labs, Key Factors