PhaseWare Review

PhaseWare help desk management software was created to help the high tech core of business administration run smoothly. Geared toward small to mid-sized businesses, PhaseWare Solution Suite is comprised of three applications that work together to help companies improve customer service.

PhaseWare Key Products:

PhaseWare Tracker is a flexible help desk solution that can be either on-site, web-based, hosted or mobile and focuses on customer management, incident management, time tracking and SLA compliance. PhasWare Event Engine covers automating escalation management, business rules and reporting. The Self Service Center helps companies provide 24/7 customer support.

PhaseWare Tracker Key Features:

  • Easy Adoption:  customers can be up and running within a day of implementation
  • Increases First Call Resolution (FCR): provides CSRs with a searchable knowledgebase
  • Email Support Integration: creates tickets from emails, sends acknowledgment receipts, and offers troubleshooting and resolution suggestions without tying up an agent.
  • Track and Trend: helps companies track ticket duration from open to close and time spent per incident. Helps a company detect problems early and helps to efficiently create projects or close groups of tickets regarding the same issue.
  • Create Unlimited SLA Packages:  helps companies customize service packages to fit their customer’s needs.
  • Full Lifecycle Ticket Management: helps users to follow tickets from submission to resolution.

PhaseWare Event Engine Key Features:

  • Email Integration and Support Administration: sends notifications to the customer and person assigned to the case automatically.
  • Enforce SLA: helps companies decrease and eliminate violations
  • Cleans Up Poor Practices: automates processes to help streamline the workflow and increase efficiency
  • Reduce Cycle Time: helps users keep track of ticket aging and customer communications
  • Automatically Run and Receive Email Reports: reduces the need to print reports for distribution

PhaseWare Self Service Center:

  • Customer Support Presence 24/7/365: provides companies to offer customer support at all times.
  • Incident Deflection: allows customers to search knowledgebases, solutions, forums and FAQs to resolve their own issues.
  • Self-Administration: enables customers to execute their own reports and manage company information; like updating contacts or managing files
  • Online Updates and Downloads: software updates and downloads are available to the customer whenever they want them.
  • Publish Information and Documentation: allows users to send notifications or create documentation available for specific customers or groups.

Select PhaseWare Customers:
American Messaging, XYPRO Technology, Lenders Title Company, Group MidWest, Data Direct, Aqua Control.