ManageEngine Review

ManageEngine is the Enterprise IT Management Software division of ZOHO corporation and is the leader in low cost enterprise IT management software. ManageEngine is used by over 40,000 of diverse sizes and industries. ManageEngine products are typically easy to install, setup and use and ManageEngine also offers extensive support, consulting and training.

ManageEngine Key Products:

ServiceDesk Plus in ManageEngine’s help desk solution and it comes in three different options; Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions.

ServiceDesk Plus Standard Edition Key Features:

  • One Password to Remember: Authenticate users using Windows login credentials or Active directory credentials.
  • Convert Emails to Tickets: Users can get helpdesk emails, phone calls and web form requests in one location. Users can convert helpdesk emails into tickets and log requests for all calls or web form requests.
  • Enhance Communications with Images:  ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus includes a HTML editor allows users to include inline images into communications.
  • Maintain Conversations: Capture all communications between the requester and technician as conversation threads, making it easier to search for related information.
  • Automated Dispatch: Automatically route all requests to different classifications . With Business Rules, users can class the request automatically into different categories, levels, modes and define a unique flow for each request type.
  • Keep Technicians Informed:  ServiceDesk Plus allows users to enable email and SMS notifications to help keep technicians notified when a request is created, assigned or updated.
  • Prioritize SLAs: users can set up SLAs easily and define up to four levels of escalations, either before or after the deadline.
  • Simple Forms: configure different forms with specific fields which are relevant to a specific issue and adding new requests is easier.

ServiceDesk Professional Edition Key Features:

  • Includes all aspects of ServiceDesk Plus
  • Control Inventory: ServiceDesk Professional Help Desk and Asset Management solution helps users keep their inventory updated.  Access and scan  workstations like Windows, Linux or Mac and other network devices.
  • Obtain Software Listing: Obtain the entire list of software used in the company’s ntwork and classify them according to type.  Helps users create a list of all software being used and eliminating any prohibited software.
  • Easy License Compliance: Manage different types of software licenses to make your company’s software audit easier to complete.  Helps track software licenses including the number of times particular software has been installed.
  • Manage Software Usage: ServiceDesk Professional edition helps companies track the most frequently used, and unused software.
  • Purchase Order Management: ServiceDesk helps companies manage the complete lifecycle of a purchase order and eliminate the paperwork; creating the PO, submitting for approval, receiving invoice, making the payment and receiving the items.
  • Renew Contracts: Users can get notified of when a contract is going to expire, giving technicians time to renew the contracts.

ServiceDesk Enterprise Edition Key Features:

  • Includes all the features of Professional and Standard editions
  • Incident Management: ManageEngine Enterprise ITIL edition helps users to prioritize and manage all incidents with a predefined workflow.
  • Problem Management: Helps changing problems into known-errors and suggests a workaround; customers can then browse known problems to find a work around.
  • Changes: helps users handle pre-approved changes and changes with a complete approval cycle.
  • Centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB): users get the complete asset information related to any incident, problem or change and manage the complete dependencies between your assets, users, software and other asset components and update the asset details automatically whenever any change is carried out.

Select ManageEngine Customers:
Hallmark Channel, Lufthansa Airways, Digicel, City of Dublin, Honda, Bosch, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Ericsson, nvidia, Pink Elephant, University of Minnesota, NorthStar Bank, Shangri-La Hotels