GoToAssist Review

GoToAssist is a remote help desk solution and is the only remote support product that offers two distinct products: GoToAssist Express and GoToAssist Corporate. GoToAssist Express is made for individuals or small companies while GoToAssist Corporate is made for large companies.

GoToAssist Express Key Features:
Ease of Use:

  • One-Click Session Start: saves companies time by being able to open support sessions with just a single click.
  • Instant Email Invitations: companies can send a customer a Microsoft Outlook email or instant message that contains a link to a support session
  • FastSupport Entry Site: allows companies to seamlessly transition from phone calls to an online support session
  • Speed Resolution with Powerful Support Tools:
  • Two-Way Screen Sharing: allows a company and its customers to see what is happening on each other’s desktops to help resolve issues more quickly
  • Remote Control: with a customer’s permission, companies can remotely take control of their customer’s desktop to provide service as if they were in person
  • File Transfer:  companies can instantly exchange folders or files with their clients
  • Live Chat: GoToAssist Express allows companies can shat in real time with their customers instead of staying on the phone.
  • Annotation Tools: this feature allows companies and its clients to highlight and point to items on their screens to help resolve issues
  • Reboot and Reconnect: companies can restart their customer’s computer and can automatically reconnect them to the support session that was already in progress
  • Log In as Administrator: logging in as an administrator allows companies to perform system administrative tasks without disrupting the session already in progress
  • Session Report: companies can easily track the time spent supporting a specific customer
  • Notes: companies can take notes during a session and save them for future reference

Increases Support Capacity:

  • Multiple Sessions: companies can support up to eight customers at a time
  • Mac Support: GoToAssist Express allows companies to assit customers for both PC and Mac users from either a PC or Mac (some features aren’t available for Mac)
  • Tru 24-bit Color: provides companies a true, full color view of the customer’s desktop to allow companies to troubleshoot problems with CAP software or color graphics

Support Unattended Computers:

  • Unattended Remote Support: by pre-installing Unattended Supprt, companies can work on resolving issues while the customer is away
  • Unattended Reboot and Reconnect: when a customer’s computer needs to be rebooted, the session automatically reconnects and login credentials are automatically and securely passed

GoToAssist Corporate Key Features:
Multiple Connection Methods

  • Multiple Connection Methods:  customers can request tech support by calling a contact center or visiting a company’s website.
  • Phone: company representatives can invite customers to join a support session by entering a connection code on the website or by selecting a representative from a list
  • Web: customers can request support from a web form or button and are then invited to join a support session
  • Online Queue: offers intelligent routing technology that will automatically send customer inquiries to the appropriate support department and creates a queue for the next available representative.
  • Broadcast to All: allows a company’s customers to either click a button or type in a question and the request is sent to all representatives that are logged in at that time

Representative Support Tools:

  • Includes all the tools of GoToAssist Express Support tools
  • FastChat: representatives can instantly help customers in a downlad-free chat iinterface

Team Collaboration Tools:

  • Session Transfer: allows companies to seamlessly transfer a question to another representative or to the whole support team; this is helpful when escalating issues
  • Invisible Collaboration:  enables representatives to invite additional experts to give advice during a session but remain invisible to the customer
  • Visible Collaboration: allows customers to see when a representative has invited other experts to join in the chat session

Tools for Managers:

  • Customer and Agent Surveys: allows companies to get instant feedback for customers and representatives
  • Manager Silent Monitoring: companies can silently  view and monitor a live remote-support session while in progress to help ensure that company representatives are following pre-described  support procedures
  • Session Recording and Archiving: for training and auditing purposes, all remote support sessions, chat, diagnostics and customer feedback are archived for 90 days on GoToAssist Corporate servers. With GoToAssist Data Replicator, stored data can be migrated to a company’s server for permanent storage.
  • Management Center: includes team and individual representative metrics, chat session logs, real-time snapshot reports as well as other metrics and reports.
  • Managers Dashboard: allows managers to observe real-time status of incoming queries or the status of the representatives logged in.

Select GoToAssist Customers
MMSI, Harris Technology, Sage UK Limited, Swisscom, Ultimate Software, March of Dimes