FrontRange Review

FrontRange is the leading provider of IT software that focuses on Service Management, Help Desk, Infrastructure and Customer Relationship Management. FrontRange’s proven IT software is geared towards mid-sized companies.  FrontRange’s core product, HEAT  is used by over 8,000 customers across the globe.

FrontRange also provides an ITSM solution is comprised of nine modules that delivers tremendous functionality right out-of-the-box. Based on the ITIL best practices, FrontRange ITSM software is made to deliver a comprehensive set of service and lifecycle products  designed to improve service levels and productivity, deliver on the best practices and standardization and help IT deliver its true business value.

FrontRange Key Products:

FrontRange HEAT
Built on more than 15 years of service management experience, HEAT help desk software integrates core service and support features into one software to help companies reduce costs while increasing operating efficiency.

HEAT Key Features:

  • Flexible and easy to configure workflow automation: HEAT’s Business Process Automation Module (BPAM), Heat Messaging Center, and Auto Tasks help users customize and automate workflow processes; including escalations, employee set-up and change processes.
  • Fast to Use: HEAT’s Graphical User Interface and experienced support, customers can begin to utilize their HEAT system typically within one to two weeks.
  • Centralized Reporting:  With HEAT Manager Console reporting capability combined with HEAT Answer Wizard, managers are able to quickly get answers to key business questions and monitor the support center in real-time.
  • Easy integration: HEAT Messaging Center quickly and easily creates web services to create and update configurations, customer records or service requests through the use of 3rd party tools.
  • Automatic email monitoring: HEAT automates inbound and outbound emails. Emails are monitored based on key words to generate service requests while existing service requests can be updated based on customer response.
  • Administration without a programmer:  changes to HEAT system can be made without the need of a programmer or help desk software developer.

Additional HEAT Help Desk solutions:

  • IT Asset Management:  HEAT service and Support integrates with FrontRange Software Asset Management Suite to speed up troubleshooting. FrontRange Discovery feeds all captured information to HEAT Help Desk to help companies manage incidents from end-to-end.
  • Client Lifecycle Management: FrontRange Client Lifecycle Management extends HEAT by automating the entire lifecycle of a client. The combined solution provides remote support and advanced desktop and server tools.

FrontRange ITSM
FrontRange ITSM is comprised of nine modules to help companies automate their IT management while staying within the ITIL best practices.  FrontRange ITSM can help companies by offering a unified management platform, support for end-to-end lifecycle and supports governance and compliance initiatives.  The FrontRange ITSM common platform is made to reduce the complexity of IT service management while lowering the total cost of ownership and streamline business processes.

Select Customers Using FrontRange:
Coca-Cola, Shell Oil, Prudential Securities, Électricité de
France, Mack Trucks, Campbell Soup, Avaya, Bechtel Corp, Bank of America, Turner
News Network.Virgin Money, Warehouse, Dominos Pizza,  Baylor University and more.