How Help Desk IT Software Improves Business Results


Help desk IT software refers to software used to track and record internal and external service requests and problem resolutions. There are a number of vendors that offer enterprise-grade help desk software solutions, and many freeware providers with solutions that are ideal for small businesses.

Most providers offer a web based help desk solution. The leading applications feature an internal database that track individual customers, problems, and internal requests, and generate detailed reports about each of those. The metrics provided make it easy for management to track down recurring problems and identify the business issue that needs the attention of upper management. Help desk IT software can also provide employers with critical insight into how well help desk employees are performing their duties. In addition, assets such as computer hardware can be monitored for performance issues to help avoid system downtime and untimely equipment replacements.

Help desk IT software can also be used as an internal help desk function, a customer service function, an issue tracking software solution, or any combination of these. Other powerful features that provide enterprise solutions include the capability for support staff to add hidden notes to the ticket and to automatically send email ticket updates to all involved parties. Users can create tickets through email so that any browser-equipped device can access the system. The solutions improve communication between the different management levels of a business and creates a history of the incident that can referenced later to prevent a repeat of the issue.

There are advanced solutions that have the ability to be configured using a simple Windows point-and-click user interface. They also have comprehensive reporting capabilities, some using the Report Writer utility, for displaying system data, including metrics or graphics that pinpoint process bottlenecks and performance issues before they reach a critical point. Most software allows for file attachments so large documents can be sent along with the request ticket to help completely explain the origins and history of a particular incident.

It is important for businesses exploring help desk solutions to choose software that includes an easy option for backing up the problem database and all files daily. Losing critical support data due to a disk crash can easily be avoided with this automated function. Support technicians can be given varying levels of authority within the application allowing senior management to control access to specific service tickets and the accompanying notes. That feature is important for company and client security.

Since most employees have computer experience today, learning a web-based help desk system requires little training for most users. A brief users’ guide can help employees learn how to use the software in a short period of time regardless of their level of computer expertise.

Companies looking for a help desk software solution have a number of different products and vendors to choose from. Explore all available options and look for solutions that are reliable and scalable so the the solution you choose can keep up with the growth of the company.

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