Find the Best Help Desk System for Your Company


Making the right choice between available help desk systems is one of the most important decisions a company can make. The help desk has evolved over the years to the point where it is now the central hub from which all IT-related support flows. The right choice will ensure the company runs smoothly and has a realistic chance to achieve its strategic goals. The wrong choice can have devastating effects across the entire business.

To make sure all organizational needs are addressed when considering help desk software vendors, successful companies build a selection team consisting, for example, of help desk analysts, project managers, an executive sponsor, and representative end users. Having diverse backgrounds on the selection team ensures that all perspectives are heard and all issues are raised. The evaluation team can discuss the shortcomings of the current help desk application, if one exists, and the current help desk processes, as well as identify a wish list of new features in the next help desk system. This will provide guidance to the company for the new system and shed light on any processes that need to be reworked or redesigned.

Next, the evaluation team will want to generate a list of desired outcomes for the new help desk system. Some outcomes listed should mirror those of other companies with successful IT help desk systems, such as improving service levels. Increasing the percentage of problems resolved over the phone is an admirable and desirable goal. Improved productivity should be a major goal of any IT help desk project, as should minimizing the time employees must wait to have a problem resolved, such as a password reset and network connection restored. Reduction of costs is also a goal the team should strive for when implementing a help desk software solution.

With these goals in mind, the team can focus on a short list of vendors that can deliver those desired outcomes. The company might give extra consideration to any vendor that offers a free trial so employees can get a feel for how their software functions. Once a vendor is identified, the company can proceed with a pilot program either in a non-production environment or among a small group of users. Don’t be afraid to test a number of competing products from different vendors over the course of several months as you seek the ideal product for the company‚Äôs unique business requirements.

If it is a small- to medium-sized organization, the company may want to consider a number of solutions that offer open source help desk software. Although the software is free of charge, do expect the companies to pitch a paid support contract. Once the best vendor has been found, implement the solution in a production environment.

The right help desk system can help any company operate more efficiently. Problems are resolved faster and worse case scenarios are averted. The process of choosing a vendor and software solution should be taken very seriously and should involve all of the major departments and users in the company. If you follow these rules, you can see dramatic improvement within a few months.

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