Does Your Company Need Help Desk Software?


Most companies don’t bother implementing a help desk until it’s become very clear that one is needed. Waiting until that point in time, however, can cost a company in lower employee productivity, higher turnover, and lost business. It’s important to have a finger on the pulse of the company when determining the right time to implement a help desk, and businesses have to decide whether an in-house solution or an outsourcing alternative is a better choice. Fortunately, there are signs that indicate that the time is right for a company help desk.

The concept of a help desk software has been around for as long as IT departments have functioned. They have evolved tremendously over the years. Originally, a single person, often the corporate webmaster, fielded all inquiries from the few users. That structure grew to comprise a call center staffed with personnel. Now, there are fully-automated help desk software solutions that require no personnel, and there are hybrid designs that feature both capabilities. The help desk system is a single point of reference for employee service requests that can solve and prevent problems. In many companies, it is the hub of communications and storehouse for the central knowledge base.

So how does a company know when help desk software is needed? The fact is that most mid- to large-sized companies do need one, unless they have a limited number of employees. For those companies with small headcount, the hardware or software supplier becomes the default help desk provider, even though those companies may not be properly equipped to do the job. There are a number of questions a company can ask to determine whether it’s time to seek a help desk solution.

First, ask whether the business can function properly without its computer systems. If the answer is no, it probably needs a help desk capability. Can production deadlines be met and customers assisted without the help of the company’s computer systems? Once again, if the answer is no, the company needs a help desk solution. Are there hard and fast rules documented to quickly recover/replace lost passwords, recover from disk crashes, respond to computer viruses, restart network failures, and filter email spam. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the business needs a help desk solution to protect its interests from these worst-case scenarios.

Help desk solutions are also ideal for bringing new employees up to speed on enterprise software or network services. It can be used to train new employees in the procedures to logon to and navigate the company’s computer network. With an effective help desk, the company will realize more employee productivity as they no longer have to waste time with lost or forgotten passwords. Problems, such as viruses and disk crashes, can be dealt with in a timely manner without incurring system downtime or disruption. Data that could be lost in a disk crash is protected when an effective help desk solution ensures all data is backed up on a daily basis.

If circumstances have made you ask whether the company needs help desk software, the answer is probably going to be a resounding yes.

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