A Help Desk Software Comparison: HEAT vs. Epicor vs. Remedy/BMC


A Web Help Desk is a very clear way to ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and retention.  Every company is going to have a problem now and then, and with the Internet being available to nearly everyone, the easiest way to help your customers is with Help Desk Software.  The speed with which an effective Help Desk can get the issue resolved is much faster than conventional methods of customer service.  It has literally changed the way companies do business.

Not only that, but a Help Desk can help your employees with internal problems as well.  With those issues handled easily, your employees are happier and more productive, as minor issues do not get missed in the busy day-to-day operations.  Of course, the key is picking the right software for your requirements.  What is needed is a Help Desk Software comparison.  Three names that are very likely to come up are HEAT, Epicor, and Remedy/BMC Software.

Help Desk Software Comparison: HEAT

The HEAT product suite is designed by FrontRange Solutions.  These products include the basic support that handles initial service and support functions, incident and inquiry tracking and case management.  As you do a help desk software comparison, it is important to know that in addition to these core capabilities, there are many modules for extra functions.  Additions like voice enablement, self service help, inventory management and knowledge base integration are available.  It also has the capability to work with your mobile devices so you and your customers can get help on the go.  With the added functionality, FrontRange HEAT becomes a comprehensive solution for nearly any size company.  It is robust enough to be used by the largest companies and flexible enough for much smaller companies.

Help Desk Software Comparison: Epicor

Epicor helps to ensure your IT infrastructure is functioning optimally.  If this changes, your business processes begin to shut down and you have significant problems that cannot be quickly fixed.  When you check out Epicor ITSM while doing a help desk software comparison, you can see how the software provides your team with the information it needs to fix incidents quickly and painlessly.  Epicor is designed more for your company’s internal concerns as opposed to helping your customers.  However, these services are vital if you want to keep customers happy.  Having your people happy is one of the biggest keys to ensuring your customers feel the same way.

Web Help Desk Comparison: Remedy/BMC Software

One thing that sets Remedy/BMC Software apart from most other programs when you do a web help desk comparison is that it is very flexible.  Unlike most programs in this space, it is adaptable to your unique needs.  It is one of the most robust options out there, with the basics fully covered, including a knowledge database, as well as an extensive self-service offering to go along with unmatched modeling for your people when on a call.  The simplicity and power of BMC Software is something that is hard for competitors to match, and it makes the software package a great one for almost any company.

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